Mountain Medicine

IMG_5515IMG_5603One week in the mountains has been magic medicine. My legs are still very weak with the cerebellum covered in lesions and I’m very slow, but all in good spirits. There is something about the cool air in the morning, the lush smells after the afternoon storms, the dry heat that just fill my soul. I sure miss my hiking, but as ever am trying to surrender to what my body needs. So far , so good with the avastin and chemo regimen. Let us hope when we scan in a few weeks that it is doing something good. I have survived one of the one to three months they gave me and I’m still shooting for more. Not going down easily! I never imagined I could fish, but thanks to our amazing guide I was able to catch a bunch of small:medium trout on a stunning section of silver creek. So serene.

IMG_5606I will get back into the studio to record some originals in mid September. Rewind, the Woubd and the Wonder. Thanks to the band for letting me do it. Such joy.

Have been reading up a storm. Have discovered the joy of Danielle Steel. I didn’t realize the. Variety of her work. It is fun and interesting. Also the thrillers from Gregg Hurwitz which are totally absorbing. An interesting novel Our Little Racket. And then some non fiction in The Cattle Kingdom. Read a bunch about Paris and France.

Life is very much one day at a time. Lots of sleep. Good food. Good friends. Mom and Dad spoiling me. Sun Valley quaint and quiet. The mountains pink in the late afternoon. How surreal to know your days are numbered and to work towards a goal for which there are no rules or guidelines. All you can do is be grateful for each breath. And that I truly am.

I hope school is off to a good start for those in school and that fall is wonderful for everyone else.


11 thoughts on “Mountain Medicine

  1. Kerry,
    We think of you everyday. Looking forward to seeing you sing with Birdseed soon.
    You are amazing and inspiring.
    Lots of love,


  2. So happy that you are back in such a serene and soul-filling spot, Kerry. James and his family have some terrific Sun Valley memories from his youth; such a gorgeous place…

    We *can’t wait* to hear your newest recordings – your joy is contagious in that studio, and we are all the richer to hear Birdseed collaborate!

    We think of you all every day, and send much love to you…keep on rocking, sister.


  3. You are just awesome. Keep on going. Or not going. Doesn’t really matter, because you are cherishing it all. Peace, love, good wishes.



  4. Hi Kerry,

    I’ve been sharing your blog posts and music videos with my 7 1/2 year old daughter Alexis–she loves your voice and wants to hear you sing again! Sending you love, hugs and blessings and wishing you many more wonderful moments with your loved ones. Xoxo Stephanie (Kurtz) Pierce


  5. As ever…your upbeat positivity and ability to put into words what can only be the worst feelings in the world, is inspiring…..thank you for letting us share this glimpse of your journey…..I truly believe that your energy and positive thinking is working in extending time and response…so keep it up….and we will keep sending you positive energy and love.. G xxx


  6. I thought of you this morning, and actually do quit often. Wanted to share a momma and her twins at the coffee shop this morning with you.

    Love from Wyoming,

    Windy Noble

    On Sep 2, 2017 9:28 AM, “Next Trip Around the Sun” wrote:

    > landrk posted: “One week in the mountains has been magic medicine. My legs > are still very weak with the cerebellum covered in lesions and I’m very > slow, but all in good spirits. There is something about the cool air in the > morning, the lush smells after the afternoon sto” >


  7. Aloha Kerry! I know we don’t talk often, but we think of you and pray for you daily. Sending much love to you and your beautiful family.


  8. Hi Kerry. I just discovered your blog writing and all that I can say is: thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing so openly. You are a gift to all of us who know you. I think you may know that we lost our son Wiley three years ago. One of your quotes (in earlier posting, Quotes to Ponder) is so true in saying that growth does not always happen in the sunlight. I feel deep compassion for you and your family in this moment.

    With Love and Blessings,

    Wendell Birkhofer


  9. I read every one of your posts, Kerry, and I wish I had the right words to pass on to you. I love your messages; you are so real, so passionate and so honest. It’s a joy to read the words that reflect so much of the girl I knew in college, despite the fact that they send me into tears often. I’m sending love, as much as I can, and even out here in Minnesota, so far away from you, Sarah Hardy and I occasionally get together and share warm memories of you. Your bright light extends far.


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