Sad to be Mad at my body

I know how hard my body is fighting right now, and I truly am glad for every day it gives me so I get sad when I am mad at it. I’m getting ready for a lovely birth and can’t zip any of the dresses I have in mind thanks to the steroid bloating. Vain and mundane, but frustrating when things worked in June. Ah well. Thank you Carolina Herrera for pants and a top which could be modified. Letting you in on the sillies of cancer.

I had my second dose of avastin on Tuesday. I think the neuropathy is easing up a bit. The legs are still very weak perhaps due to the lesions in cerebellum and face tummy bloating still an issue. Walked 30 minutes with a hill 2x this week. Major milestone. And sang for 90 minutes. Pure joy. Also recorded successfully so we hope to have Rewind out in time.

Reading up a stron of Danielle steel. Such fun. An escape. Great stories with IMG_5675dips into Paris. I will tackle a non fiction Red Notice on Russia soon.

The kids are adjusting well to school and Will had his first 6th grade social. So cute. Spreading their wings. I try to write them letters and have a good collection now. Friends took me to the gorgeous Marin headlands and to magical Stinson beach this week  oh good medicine!!!!!!! Such beauty 10 and 45 minutes away

Thanks to all for keeping my spirits up. Whoever gave me the fabulous Osea scrub awhile ago thank you. I love it.


3 thoughts on “Sad to be Mad at my body

  1. So glad to hear that you were able to record recently, Kerry – wonderful! I have been thinking of you a lot when seeing mentions of the wild heat that hit the Bay area – hoping you have been able to keep cool.

    Those walks sound great – good for you…I think that it is totally fair and understandable to be sad about being mad – your prevailing attitude, imbued with such grace and determination, serves you well and is quite something to behold, but it would be impossible to not have other thoughts creep in. They can’t last with your overall outlook!!!!!


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