A good few weeks

IMG_5723.JPGA helicopter ride into Big Sur? Yes please. I moved our anniversary trip up to mid September as life is one day at a time and I didn’t want to wait until October. Because route 1 is still totaled we had to take a helicopter in, but it was a true thrill on a sunny blue sky day. We saw whales spouting as we sped along the coast and held our breath as we zoomed over the mountains within feet of the jagged rocks. Thanks to renovations we got half off an ocean view room. The rooms are very eco 70s but the balcony is out of this world as is the bath that takes in the same magical view straight to the ocean, 1000 ft above the Pacific. Above is the communal hot tub that enjoys the same view.  We nerded  out over long breakfasts with 3 newspapers and 2 crosswords and a view. And I swam both days in the Tuscan pool looking up at he mountains. Felt great. Slept like a baby.

My platelets were too low for chemo, but my neuropathy is almost gone. After 3 months of no feeling in my hands and feet this is a relief. If only the bloating and fluid would get the same message. It so messes with my head and I feel fat despite the fact that it just is and having a good appetite is an important part of staying alive. They had given me 1-3 months and I have lived 2. What a gift. I hope to have any more. Once you get time you both want and feel entitled to more. And I continue to say thanks as I close and open my eyes each night and morning.

Love this sculpture “Breaking Open”

Because it feels right to seize the day when I feel ok I also threw in a trip to Santa Fe with some dear girlfriends. I had found it mystical in 2015 and felt a real pull to go back. I was not disappointed. It is a beautiful town filled with good food, dangerously great shopping, 10,000 waves spa, and a mix of glorious sunshine and mountain thunderstorms that make you want to curl up in the couch in front of a fire. We did just that and watched one of my favorite movies, British farce Death at a Funeral. We were cackling all smushed together on the couch. I saw the sculpture which I had only seen in a magazine last visit “breaking open” which at night is even more magical. I find it both vulnerable and brave and try to embody its spirit.

Friwnds have been incredibly generous throwing parties to celebrate life. At one I was able to sing with the band and felt great. I’m so thankful for the time I get each time with friends and their kids. All good medicine. Note that we will be playing at Sweetwater in Marin on October 24th.  Fingers crossed I feel good then. I’ve continued reading up a storm and have been loving my Danielle Steel obsession as all the stories are so different. The last two tackled a star skier becoming parapalegic and another domestic abuse. There is always romance but not smutty and she addresses tough topics in fabulous settings with well developed characters. I’m also reading about the Donner party in The Best Land Under Heaven.

We have started planning for the 2018 Give Breast Cancer the Boot. Many of you will be getting an excellent synopsis of the grants we allocated in 2016. I’m very proud of what we achieved in granting to both hard core science and patient nurturing thanks to you’re help. Please save the date for May 4th, 2018 again at the same venue in Fort Mason.

Thank you as always for the books, bath salts, flowers, and goodies. They always seem to arrive on tough days. I’m so grateful. It will help me beat the odds. Love to all

I just got out out of my oncologist meeting and while the numbers were on average food the bilirubin direct doubled which is very bad for the liver. So we will watch that and hope for a serious reversal.

Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer.



4 thoughts on “A good few weeks

  1. What a stunning view from that balcony, Kerry – wow!

    So glad to hear of your travels and experiences – and a respite from neuropathy.

    That helicopter trip sounded intense!!!

    James and I think of you every day, and continue to send our very best vibes, my friend. Your master class in ferocity and determined grace is a gift to us all.


  2. Keep on fighting beautiful girl…..your positive attitude and energy is inspiring as well as extending every moment we have of you.,…I have every belief that if anyone can defy the odds it’s you….and you already are. Keep believing….keep allowing food, nature and friends to be your medicine.. . And I make this pledge to you…that on 4th May (my sebi’s 10th birthday)….I will either be with you there supporting or I will be doing something here in London in conjunction with you to support your efforts and belief….thinking of you all thetime, much like all the other people whose lives you’ve touched. Sending you positive energy and love and would love to chat sometime if you’re up to it? Much love G xxx


  3. Love your blog so much. It’s part travel blog with incredible photos (the first one in this post with the book, spa and ocean is award-winning, part daily meditations and beautiful philosophy, part fashion (you’re always wearing something fab) and all you – which is the best. Thanks for doing it. Love you so and love every moment with you.


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