A good scan and lots of reading

IMG_5794My Ct scan showed that the liver lesions were stable to decreasing. Well I will take that! My bloating is still laughable, but I feel like that plus the avastin working on the brain has improved my stability and simply buys me time. And time remains a gift. I savored time in Sun Valley with mom and dad and got to experience a bit of these majestic fall colors. How can that not take your breath away?!

Now while I delved into some historical fiction with Best Land under the Sun about the Donner party and the wonderful News of the World where a little German girl was raised by the Sioux aged 6-10 wins you over, you also know I have fallen in love with many a Danielle Steel book as they have surprised me with their diversity of plot and have given me such a good escape. I thought it might be good to give a quick rundown on what I’ve read so far. Often a chapter has suffered the hardship of parents or a parent dying young from an accident or illness, and there is the challenge of  romances after that and often with children of different ages. But it is always a great mix of that challenge and a great plot line that is eternally current no matter the era.

The Duchess- a fascinating look at both Britain and France in the 1800s where women had no rights to any inheritance and a woman is literally thrown out by her heartless brother to nanny for 6 kids. While she embraces the job and excels in the work, she is bad mouthed by a nasty player who tries to assault her which then leaves her with no option but to try to find something in France where she realizes that running a very high end brothel where she will treat the women well and attract the most powerful men in Paris discreetly could work  she is an enormous success while maintaining a clean repute for herself . Eventually she has to make a new life again in NY. She is a remarkable character.

Legacy: one of my favorites which looks at the history of a Sioux Indian who moves to France with a Marquis. She is a strong and compelling character who escaped a kidnapping and rides horses better than the men. She is “discovered” by a great great granddaughter who eventually agrees to help her mom with the genealogy after the daughter loses a boyfriend of 6years and her job of 10 in one month.

Sins of the Mother: a mom of 4 went to work for her family’s business and by 70 has built a furniture empire from the inherited family hardware business. Despite being lovingly raised by their dad and grandmother the mom still gets punished by some of the kids. A cool look at growing a business and learning you can’t have it all at the same time.

Pegasus: a wonderful look at the world of Austrian lippanzanner horses and their refined training but also the deep prejudice and tragedy of the holocaust. In this case the son is the lead character and takes on such a humbling step with his US to survive with his son.

Magic: I so loved this as it was mostly set in Paris. It starts with an annual candlelit dinner which is invite only and happens in a magical spot in Paris announced only midday the day of the event. Everyone dresses in white and brings a picnic and candle to share withh their guests.

The Mistress: a wild look at the Russian billionaires and life in St Tropez and art in the South of France.

Property of a Noble Woman: such a fun look back at the rich history of a deceased relative through incredible jewels that get auctioned by  a renowned auction house.

The Apartment: an excellent mom and daughter relationship which morphs from friends to those 2 and the beginning of a successful business

Against all Odds: a look at a mom whose husband’s early death left her to found a fabulous clothing business while raising 3 kids. Looks at how hard it is to be non judgmental as a parent and the pains of watching your kids make their own mistakes. Oh so hard for all of us and yet that which will eventually give hem a good chance of success.

Undercover: probably my least favorite despite my love of thrillers  very dark about going dee CIA undercover in South America.

Prodigal Son: also dark with son turning to be everything you thoughaoneone couldn’t  good ending though

Power Play: excellent characters in the corporate world. Fun

Blue: a remarkable story where the woman saves a great kid from the streets and sets him on a new path. Amazing what can happen when you believe in someone or how swiftly you can take someone down.

One Day at a Time: fun and a good reminder for all of us . Set almost all in San Francois and Bolinas so fun for us locals. Also fun for dog lovers.

I know I’m forgetting some and should write proper summaries faster. Cheers to Danielle Steel and her endless imagination and brilliant writing . I love the escape. It has been such good medicine.

Three things coming up:

Oct 21 Burkes Festival  10-3 on Saturday at bebe’s school. Great food, activities, and shopping on campus.

Oct 24s Birdseed playing 8pm  for Bread and Roses at Sweetwater in Marin

May 4th 2018 Give Breast Cancer the Boot at Fort Mason  save the dates and links will go out in late November but FYI.  Glad to be here for the planning and hope to be here for the event itself .









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