When laughing is the only way to cope

Santa Fe in 2015 with my spirit animal

SO yesterday’s planned 3 hour day at UCSF turned into 11 hours……blood draws, blood infusion, platelets, low oxygen, zero neutrophils, low white and red blood and potassium counts, and as of 4pm wasn’t going to make Birdseed’s show at Sweetwater to raise money for music program Bread & Roses. Despite a gorgeous day, Creighton was right to ask for a private room and a bed. I was able to rest and just laugh at each step because complaining or crying wasn’t going to get me anywhere. I’m serious. It is amazing (if you aren’t working) how much easier it is to let it go and laugh it off.  Even with the crappy blood counts, even if it scares me, I just have to roll with it. Never mind that I had what felt like a flu on Monday. That wasn’t laughing time, more moaning time, but only sleep and rest and ginger ale helps that. I’m back in this morning for more blood and platelets. Hopefully home in time to enjoy a sunny walk and garden time.

So literally at 4 the nurse said we were a GO for NO on the show but then at 4:15 Rugo told her I could do it. So the nurse came up with a great plan which would leave me with about 10 mins to get ready for the show. We laughed in the car as we drove home and actually made it happen. We arrived with just minutes to spare. And as usual I’m so glad that Rugo knows what Living means to me because they work miracles when they can and when I rally. We should have an update on http://www.birdseedband.com. Enjoy!

and to all those beautiful faces in the crowd thank you so so much for being there. That meant so much!!!! Love to you all!


One thought on “When laughing is the only way to cope

  1. Redefining rockstar. Was a fabulous show and you joined the league of heavy hitters who have performed on that stage! Thank you for your beautiful songs. We have been playing them all week and the kids now know the words by heart. Sam love when he hears Bebe’s voice on We Can Do It.


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