Kerry — Final Post

This is Will, Bebe and Creighton writing on behalf of Mom.

It is with great sadness that we need to announce the passing of our wonderful Mom and Wife, last night December 6th at 11:15pm. We are heartbroken and already miss her greatly, and will forever hold our love for her and hers for each of us and our family.

There are so many amazing memories and feelings we will treasure. She was truly one of a kind.

All of you reading this are part of our story and for that Kerry, and we, thank you. She inspired so many — including us — she loved deeply and lived life to its fullest. Her life was full — she made sure of that! — but altogether too short. We will never be okay with that.

We will be okay though, and a big part of that is because of our family, friends and so many — including the amazing team at UCSF (thank you, Hope and all of your team) — who were and are there for us. We feel that love, and hope your life is as blessed as ours.

We will miss our Mom and remember her all the time. She’s in our hearts forever.

Will, Bebe and Creighton


2 thoughts on “Kerry — Final Post

  1. Kerry will occupy a BIG part of the many many hearts she touched. I am grateful that I had a chance to know her; while not nearly as well as so many others her incredible warmth and indefatigable spirit left a permanent mark. I will miss crossing paths with her in the neighborhood. xoxo


  2. Kerry was a force of nature in the face of such an unfair and insidious foe – so inspiring, so graceful, so full of determination. I am grateful beyond words that our paths first crossed lo those decades ago, to have seen and spent time with her at our reunion last year, to have enjoyed her singing (That will continue to be played and enjoyed around here on a regular basis) – I will certainly carry her words with me (as I know will James), in the days to come.


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